Job Details

Head of Digital Innovation

Location: New York, NY
Department: Technology
Posted Date: Sept. 13, 2019
Job Summary


Innovation is at the core of our culture.  We look at all aspects of the drug development and commercialization process and ask ourselves how we can improve it to increase productivity and efficiency.  Throughout our businesses, Digital Innovators look for ways to bring modern methods and technology to bear.  We analyze and streamline operational workflows and processes through the introduction of better technology solutions.  We optimize decision making by capturing and analyzing data.  We evaluate business performance and new assets through data driven quantitative modelling.  Digital Innovators are embedded within a specific business.  They bring digital expertise to complement the specific commercial expertise of that business.  


  • Collaborate with the other members of the business unit
  • Understand operational workflows and processes
  • Think creatively to identify opportunities for digital innovation
  • Evaluate externally developed technology solutions
  • Improve data capture and use
  • Communicate new ideas and methods to broader team
  • Increase efficiency through both tactical and strategic technology implementations


  • Strong programming skills
  • Logical, analytic thinking
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Operations Research
  • Systems Engineering
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Data Science


  • Good communication and organizational skills
  • Self-starting motivation and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Moral integrity in word and action